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  • About Ivy Black

    Hmmm. Welcome to my “video blog tube” – Come see some really hot pictures and videos starring me!
    Use the navigation bar on the right hand side to find some pretty dirty smut, but remember, my members area has A TON more, in HD and from my web cam. I really think you’d like it.

    ivy black, yo MY STATS
    Name: Ivy Black
    Height: 4’11″
    Weight: 97lbs
    Hair: Brown, long
    Eyes: Brown, BIG ; )
    Body Decoration: yes I have some ink… you’ll see it all.
    Alias: Saucy Aphrodite or just Sauce, Little Pixie Dynamite.
    Job Description: Professional Sexy Girl, Provocateur, Entertainer.

    Interests: Music, Partying, Stripping, Sex, Smut, Chillin’, Ink, My Ass… lol

    Why I have a website: I love what I do, I have so much fun being sexy for the camera. This is something I always wanted to do, and I hope to do it for a while.

    What type of girl is Ivy Black?: I’m a dirty girl. I’m a nice girl. We all have different parts to our personalities, everyone’s different. I’m an exhibitionist and I like to cause a little mischief sometimes. I’m not a “scene” girl, but I have tattoos and piercings and I’m absolutely not a porn barbie, but I love to show off. I’m just Ivy Black. I want you to have fun with me. ; )

    What type of Content is Ivy Black?: The photos and videos have teasing to nude and interactive content. I flash in public, wear dirty outfits, strip naked, give full contact lap dances, and paint myself with liquid latex… I also eat whipped cream from the can, down champagne and jars of apple sauce, make PB and J and try out ridiculous outfits… So there’s a mix there… I do show it all. I do show my pussy. I do touch it for you sometimes.

    What media types are inside Ivy Black?: 1280×720 HD videos with a smaller 853×480 versions, 640×480 cam videos, 640×480 candid clips, 800×1200 photos and video screen caps.

    What Else? Videos come in Windows and Mac formats, photo sets and screen caps can be downloaded as zips. My members blog has more dirty stuff, candids, b-reels plus written and video blogs that give you a sense of what I’m about. there are all kinds of written posts, some fun, some personal, and some sexy!

    there are a lot of versions of ivy black

    Oh, and the tattoo on my back says:

    “Per ardua ad astra”

    which means

    “Through adversity to the stars.”

    …Since everyone always asks.

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